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“Joey” started at Red Rock Canyon Grill in September 2005.  He began his restaurant career running food and prepping in the kitchen.  He moved up through the ranks to kitchen shift manager and bartender.  In 2008,  Reynolds helped open Red Rock Canyon Grill in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In 2012, I helped re-open Red Rock Canyon Grill in Oklahoma City.  2013, he opened a pizza concept, Upper Crust, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  2014 brought the Reynolds family back to Wichita to do some work at Deano’s Grill and Tapworks. In 2015, he started working at Chester’s Chophouse as a server then bartender, then moved up to General Manager.  In 2023, Joey is finally back to where it all started at A&M Management.  His areas of expertise lies in food and cocktail creation and labor efficiency, with a keen eye for profitability.  The Reynolds live in Park City with their two sons.  They love a good old-fashioned family game night.